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Shawn Ingram
0comments More Mass Effect 2 DLC planned before Mass Effect 3 arrives
Posted Mon 3rd Jan 2011 4:29am by Shawn Ingram
Cerberus Network to go dark until next DLC
Mass Effect 2 for the PlayStation 3 is just around the corner, but that isn't the only Mass Effect Bioware has planned before the release oft he third game in the trilogy. Between now and the launch of Mass Effect 3 fans can expect to see more downloadable content for Mass Effect 2.
Mass Effect 2 players can also expect the game's Ceberus Network to take a hiatus before the launch of the DLC. The Cerberus Daily News will continue with updates until January 24. After that point, it will only be active for three more weeks. The first active week will be the week leading up to new DLC. The other two weeks will be the two weeks leading up to the launch of Mass Effect 3.
Assuming the DLC is more than just a weapon pack, it will be the fourth major DLC release for Mass Effect 2. The last release was "Lair of the Shadow Broker" on Sept. 7. "Lair of the Shadow Broker" as well as the two previous DLC packs will ship with the PS3 version of the game when it ships on Jan. 18 in the US and Jan. 21 in Europe.

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