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Stuart Bullen
1comment Microsoft increase sales predictions for Kinect to 5m
Posted Wed 3rd Nov 2010 7:23pm by Stuart Bullen
Rise of the Machines
If Microsoft is to be believed, upcoming motion whatsit Kinect could be the gadget to beat this Christmas. The company has revised sales targets for the device from 3 million to a staggering 5 million.
The news came from Bloomberg's Dina Bass who tweeted: "That would make Kinect the biggest Xbox product launch ever in terms of sales, according to Microsoft's Don Mattrick."
Of course, this could all be a ploy from MS to drum up some hype ahead of the Kinect’s fast-approaching US launch, but demand for the device does seems to be high and, as the Wii has so ably proved, punters will happily pay for the privilege of dancing around in front of their telly boxes.
So, are Microsoft’s projections realistic or is this all a bunch of hubristic baloney? Let us know what you think by sounding off in the comments section below.

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Jim Hargreaves
0 GK Points
Date Posted 03/11/2010 7:30pm
I honestly can't see it selling that many beings Move has only just surpassed a million or so sales and it's a third of the price.
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