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28comments Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate to run on the Bluepoint Engine
Posted Tue 16th Apr 2013 1:18am by David Dawson
While Warner Brothers Montreal had most of the spotlight this week with their announcement of Batman Arkham Origins for PS3,360,Wii U and PC.
the publisher also announced a separate game coming to PSVita and 3DS.
Developed by Armature Studio, Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate is a sequel to the upcoming console game.
Rather than being a third person action game like the console releases, Blackgate takes a different approach and is a 2.5D Metroid/Castlevania inspired side-scroller.
Now Armature have revealed on Twitter that the game will be running on a modified version of the Bluepoint Engine, a middleware suite developed by Bluepoint Games, the studio known for Blast Factor, and the HD conversions of God of War I & II, Shadow of the Colosus & Ico, as well as the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.
This is good news for Vita owners because Bluepoint did the Vita port of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, which ran on the Bluepoint Engine, and is one of the most technically impressive games on the platform as it runs at native res, and 60 frames per second. This will mark the first time the Bluepoint Engine will be used on a Nintendo platform.
For people who might not know who Armature Studio is, and that's fine as they're a fairly recent company.
Started by former employees of Retro Studios (Metroid Prime, Donkey Kong Country: Returns, etc.)
the company has only shipped one product to date, the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PSVita.
They were also working on a canceled first person shooter Mega Man X reboot.
Not so coincidently, the studio is located right next to Bluepoint games.
Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate will be in stores on October 25th, the same day as Batman Arkham Origins for home platforms.

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reesebancr reesebancroft
41439 GK Points
Date Posted 31/01/2016 5:16am
reesebancr reesebancroft
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Date Posted 31/12/2015 6:56pm
reesebancr reesebancroft
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Date Posted 31/12/2015 6:55pm
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Date Posted 22/11/2015 4:35am
Kevin Conroy was the Batman I grew up with too. And making the game wiouhtt Kevin Conroy is the ultimate disrespect to die hard Batman Fans. I'm not convinced that Kevin Conroy can't change his vocal chords to a younger Batman. Kevin Conroy is a professional voice actor, this is what he does, his job. You're not even giving him a chance. If you ask me, you people don't know talent when you see one and also selfish. If no Kevin Conroy, then I won't support the game at all. Remember it's not the quantity that makes Batman good, it's the quality.
reesebancr reesebancroft
41439 GK Points
Date Posted 06/10/2015 12:43pm
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