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Kelly Miller
46comments Unreal Engine 4 ĎElementalí Video Released
Posted Fri 8th Jun 2012 11:40pm by Kelly Miller
Wii U support is undetermined.
The Unreal Engine has become a mainstay in gaming because of the userís ability to easily create mods and because developers have a relatively pain-free time when using it. Now on the tail end of E3 2012, Epic Games have finally released to the public what was once only being shown behind closed doors. Below is a short clip showing off the technical power of Unreal Engine 4.
In an Interview with the President of Unreal, Mike Capps, he states that with their goal with the fourth iteration of their popular game development platform was to not only give devís great graphics, but to make creating those graphics as easy as possible. By doing so Capps hopes to help bring down development budgets as well by making the game development process much faster.
According to Develop the new engine will allow about one million particles on-screen at any given time and include the visual scripting editor Kismet 2. The Kismet 2 editor allows developers to make changes to the code and watch as the changes are implemented in real-time.
While Epic has said that the engine will be used for future PC and Next-Generation consoles, they have yet to announce whether it would be coming to the Wii U. According to an article by CVG, the console is currently running on tech that will support future development of games utilizing Unreal Engine 3.

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reesebancr reesebancroft
41668 GK Points
Date Posted 20/01/2016 6:47pm
reesebancr reesebancroft
41668 GK Points
Date Posted 20/01/2016 6:47pm
reesebancr reesebancroft
41668 GK Points
Date Posted 24/12/2015 3:27pm
reesebancr reesebancroft
41668 GK Points
Date Posted 24/12/2015 3:27pm
Date Posted 27/11/2015 11:43am
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Date Posted 22/11/2015 8:58am
A review is *not* about whhteer you like something. It's an essay of sorts, so it is, by nature, your opinion, but the form requires that you evaluate your poem by the standards of what great poetry *ought* to be. It's no different from reviewing a movie in that regard. No one cares whhteer you liked the movie. If that it even mentioned, it should be briefly. Readers want to know whhteer *they* will like it. Your job is to tell us whhteer this is a great poem, a good one, a fair, one, or a lousy one, and to give us a *detailed* account of how you evaluated it. For example, tell us about its rhyme and meter, but then explain why/how they are appropriate (or not). Look at other language devices and do the same. What is the poem's theme? Is it something worthwhile. (Again, the big question is *not* whhteer you agree with the theme. You may mention that if you wish, but don't dwell.)Get the idea?Best wishes!
reesebancr reesebancroft
41668 GK Points
Date Posted 15/11/2015 12:48am
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