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Kelly Miller
0comments Deus Ex Mastermind Says Consoles are Sticking Around
Posted Mon 19th Mar 2012 12:24am by Kelly Miller
Spector also says the he loves Human Revolution, the latest title in the Deus Ex Series
There are rumors floating around left and right that point to a future without consoles. Warren Spector, creator of the classic first person role playing game Deus Ex seems to think otherwise. Despite the fact that Facebook games and IOS titles in general seem to be stealing a decent share of the market these days, he believes that consoles will always have a place in our society.
In an interview by, Spector discusses his achievements and what he thinks about the future of games. Spector says that in the next few years the way that developers approach console development is going to change. The focus will be on AAA game development while other platforms will focus on small indie titles. It’s easier to take a risk on smaller platforms than it is on consoles because of the money involved.
He says that games with the graphical fidelity of a Pixar film like Uncharted or pretty much anything by David Cage will start to become more rare in the future. Game development is getting to be so expensive that a lot of companies simply won’t be able to afford it.
“It's going to be a very tough business to be in. If you are spending $50 million or $100 million or $200 million, which is what it's going to take, there aren't a lot of people who can take that kind of risk” says Spector.
Spector goes on to say that he doesn’t like making predictions about the future, but that he simply believes that there will always be a place for consoles in our homes.
The interviewer then discusses with Spector his reaction to the newest title in the Deus Ex Franchise. Spector and his team at Iron Storm released the original title back in 2000 to critical acclaim. According to the interview, he spoke very favorably of the new title and loved what the team accomplished with it.
“It was one of the few games I finished, and I know the guys on the team and I know how dedicated they were and how respectful of the original they were; their hearts were in the right place and they did a wonderful job.”
That’s not to say that he didn’t have any problems with it. There were design decisions that he says baffled him but in the end the team ended up using the game to say the same things that he did with the original, albeit in their own unique way.
“I screamed at the television as I played this game. I loved the game, at the end of the day, but I screamed constantly because there were two, three, four things they did where I just said "Nooooo, why did you this?”
He admits that the things that they did wrong were not necessarily bad, they just weren’t design decisions that he would have made. In the end the team created a game that was entirely Deus Ex in every possibly way; a game that pleased the original creator to no end.

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