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Joseph Regan
2comments RUMOR: Microsoft Getting Rid of Microsoft Points?
Posted Tue 24th Jan 2012 8:19pm by Joseph Regan
Sounds Too Good to Be True...
Microsoft Points, to the outside observer, seemed arbitrary- they do little but give Microsoft an excuse to name a currency after themselves (But who could blame them for wanting to do that?), when using straight-up cash transactions would be easier for both the customer and the company itself. 
Microsoft Points, for the unaware, are used to purchase things on Xbox Live, the Android Market, and other Microsoft machines, but the conversions are always tricky and the minimum amount of points one can buy at a time is 400... not good if someone only wanted a 300 point app. 
But the word on the street is that Microsoft plans to phase out the use of Microsoft Points by the end of 2012, switching to using local currencies, be they pennies, pounds, or pesos. 
This news both comes from an unnamed source with knowledge Microsoft's plans. It is said that mobile developers have received warnings about the change, urging them to plan for it.  Likewise, it's said that people with Microsoft points left over after the change will get the points converted into proper currency.
Microsoft has remained silent on the matter- saying “we do not comment on rumours or speculation.”.  So it's anyone's guess on what will happen.

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