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Brendan Griffiths
5comments PS Vita Digital Game Prices Cheaper Than Retail
Posted Sun 6th Nov 2011 11:02am by Brendan Griffiths
Early Japanese prices indicate competitive prices between boxed and digital.

In a welcome change, the digital PSN prices for Japanese PS Vita titles look set to be cheaper than their retail counterparts, as Sony recently announced Uncharted: Golden Abyss will retail at ¥5,980 (£50), while the PSN version will cost ¥4,900 (£41).

With high PSN prices being key to the failure of the PSP Go, it’s good to see Sony change tactics. EU and US PSN customers will be hoping this common sense spreads to the West too, especially looking at the current absurd pricing structure for PS3 titles. Driver: San Francisco and FIFA 12 costing £57.99 each, anyone?

It’s worth noting that the Japanese retail prices above are probably the suggested RRP and many retailers may opt to reduce their price. Competitive pricing between the two markets can only be a good thing for gamers. Cheaper PSN prices are a good start for Sony’s new handheld and could help cushion the blow of the expensive memory cards.

PlayStation Vita Uncharted and Hot Shots Golf Pricing Set (Andriasang)

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