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Phil Seibel
4comments Petition Fires Up For Majora's Mask 3DS Remake
Posted Tue 2nd Aug 2011 1:13am by Phil Seibel
"Operation Moonfall" at Over 10,000 Signatures
The possibility of a Majora's Mask remake for the Nintendo 3DS was offhandedly mentioned by Eiji Aonuma in an interview with Nintendo Power, and it has sparked another online petition aimed at House that Mario Built.
If you've been paying attention to fan-demands this year, you might recall Nintendo's tepid response to the fan outcry solicited by “Operation Rainfall” early last month. The ill-fated campaign was started to try and get US releases for three Japanese RPG titles on the Wii. Nintendo disappointed fans with a “there are no plans” response, but that precedent hasn't dampened the enthusiasm of a new group of upstarts.
Dubbed “Operation Moonfall”, the campaign got started based on the aforementioned comment made by Aonuma. In short, Aonuma said that it would take “clamor from fans” in order to get the remake underway, and if the internet has taught us anything, it's that fans are good at clamoring.
After just five days in circulation, the petition has reached over 10,000 signatures. Hopefully, for the sake of fans of this oddball entry in the Zelda franchise, Nintendo will take a more positive stance in responding to this particular outcry.
With the future for the 3DS seeming to be somewhat uncertain, it would seem like taking advantage of this customer-base request is a no-brainer to armchair economists. However, this logic didn't serve when “Operation Rainfall” was in the works, so who knows? Maybe Aonuma's initial statement is the secret ingredient needed in order to bring these hopes to fruition. What do you all think? Will “clamor” win the day, or will Nintendo put the kibosh on hopes for this game coming to their troubled handheld?
If you want to sign the petition or just view the number of signatures, head here.

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Ashley Martin
289 GK Points
Date Posted 03/08/2011 2:00am
I can't see why they wouldn't make this. That said, I'd rather Ninty focussed on making something new and not just churning out remakes.
Date Posted 02/08/2011 7:09am
I would personally love to see Majora's Mask on the 3DS. Hopefully Nintendo listens to it's fans this time!
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