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Jack Mccoll

Team Fortress 2 Review

Posted Fri 14th May 2010 10:18pm by Jack Mccoll
Team Fortress 2 in 10 Seconds:
The sequel to the grandfather of class-based shooters, Team Fortress 2 combines slick cartoony visuals with deep, tactical gameplay to create an incredibly fun class-based multiplayer shooter. Tthe PC version has been bolstered with an insane amount of free mods and updates.
If I had to describe Team Fortress 2 in one word, it would be "fun." It's not a super realistic, modern day shooter a la Battlefield or Call of Duty, nor is it completely devoid of reality, like Halo. It's an amalgamation of the two, combining a zany, cartoony style with a deep, tactical-driven system which centers around the idea that gaming should be fun.

Team Fortress 2 breaks players down int Team Red and Team Blue. In each game, the goal being is to complete a series of objectives before the other team does. There are a variety of different modes from your standard Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, to the more complex modes like Payload, which sees one team trying to push a cart from one side of the level to another with the other team trying to stop them. Every single mode is different, and offers something for the player regardless of what class you prefer.
TF2 has 9 classes: Heavy Weapons Guy, Demoman, Sniper, Medic, Scout, Engineer, Pyro, Soldier and Spy. The characters are one of the game's major strengths, as each character conforms to its stereotype in a hilarious fashion; The Spy is a French charmer, the Heavy Weapons Guy is an Eastern European idiot and the Pyro...well, the Pyro is just insane. Each of these classes also come with different weapons and have different abilities; for example, the Scout can run fast, but has low health, while the Heavy Weapons Guy carries a powerful chaingun and has high health, but is very slow. Only by utilising the correct combinations of these classes can a team succeed; if every single person on your team decides to be a Pyro, you'll get stomped.
As you play, you'll unlock certain items for each class -a PC-only feature- that greatly changes how you'll play. For example, the Sniper starts out with a long-range rifle. However, if you use him for long enough you'll unlock the bow and arrow which favours short range, head shot centered play. You'll unlock more and more items for your character as you progress, and while this does make the game slightly unbalanced to begin with, it doesn't skew it that unfavourably, and it's easy to catch up to the higher level players. It is, however, difficult to pick up on the general rules of the game, and what you're supposed to be doing with each character. Before each round there's a brief cinematic detailing what you're supposed to do, but apart from that, you're essentially expected to pick it up on your own, which could be frustrating for players unfamiliar with the genre. While there are frustrating elements, TF2 remains an incredible multiplayer shooter; a pinnacle of design and structure combined with a ton of character and wit. It's addicting, charming and unparalleled in the world of multiplayer shooters.

Team Fortress 2 is like a kid's movie all grown up, with bullets, rockets and copious amounts of gore flying every which way. The visuals are incredibly crisp, and in a wonderfully common unlaggy game the framerate stays silky smooth throughout. The lack of texture detail actually makes the game look better, and it fits in very well with the games cartoon style. The characters and their weapons all benefit from the Pixar treatment, with suitably rounded edges and colorful costumes. It's a game that's beautiful in it's own way; rather than moodily deep shadows and intense, hyper-realistic detail, it relies on a refreshing amount of color and light.

The audio in TF2 is absolutely stellar. From the cartoony "thud-thud-thud" and "POW"s of the weapons to the colorful and often hillarious side remarks thrown out by characters during gameplay, everything is perfect. Even the menu music, with it's suave and jazzy style straight out of an old Bond film is wonderfully fitting with the tone and mood of the game. The recorded phrases available to each character are the best however, with around 30 hillarious, and often useful, comments available for use during gameplay. Like the graphics, everything fits the tone and mood of the game, creating an audio package that's simply wonderful to listen to.

Closing Comments:
If you have a PC, then there's no excuse; you need this game. Everything works together incredibly well, creating a package that trumpets fun and creativity over the beige, boring shooters of gaming's modern age. It's simple, yet ingeniosly so: you're given a gun and some ammunition, and you're off. Everything seems to melt together, combining super smooth visuals with hillarious audio and incredibly entertaining gameplay to create a package that is just about as near to perfection as you can get. If you're jonesing for some multiplayer action, then look no further, because you've found the best on offer.

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