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Michael Kendrick

Crysis 2 Review

Posted Wed 18th May 2011 12:28am by Michael Kendrick
Crysis has long been the benchmark that PC gamers have used to showcase the graphical capabilities of their rigs. Keeping the series tradition alive, the sequel is a simply gorgeous game that sticks to the sandbox-style levels that helped establish the identity of the original Crysis in an increasingly crowded FPS market.
The player assumes the role of a U.S Marine known only as Alcatraz, fighting for survival in the heart of Manhattan circa 2024. The city is under martial law by the private security firm CryNet, as a mysterious killer virus ravages the population. New York suits the sandbox gameplay comfortably, and the cinematic set pieces are reminiscent of urban disaster movies like Cloverfield.
Crysis 2 looks stunningly lifelike. Developer Crytek clearly takes pride in their reputation for pushing the visual envelope. The first achievement/trophy available on the game is titled "Can it run Crysis,” a nod to how the original title pushed the limits of gaming PCs.
There were few occasions where I felt like I was engaging in the mundane, linear, shooting-gallery that is typical of modern shooters. The Nanosuit allows players to sneak, jump and smash their way through the game as long as suit energy remains, allowing the player to be a powerhouse while forcing moments of gut-wrenching vulnerability during a recharge.
Players can’t just bludgeon their way through Crysis 2. They’ll need to think tactically. Stealth combat is particularly challenging as firing while stealthed drains energy quickly, forcing surgical strikes and hasty retreats. A firearm is never the only solution to a confrontation in Crysis 2. A well-placed kick into the side of a car turns it into an effective weapon, for example. Adding in some C4 and booting said car off a ledge onto an unsuspecting tank works wonders. The tactical visor highlights enemies, ammo dumps, and all the other elements which a smart player needs to account for in their planning. Crytek gives players the tools to tackle the environment in their own unique fashion, and it’s a big part of what makes this game special.
Multiplayer uses matchmaking and progressive unlock systems similar to Call of Duty's. The variety of options provided by the Nanosuit in multiplayer make the experience a little crazy, but ultimately very fun. It’s a shame that this competitive multiplayer wasn’t accompanied by cooperative campaign play, as the sandbox nature of the game would lend itself well to this. The combination of stealth, super hero and walking tank roles working in tandem would make for a compelling experience that Crytek missed out on.
There were a few unfortunate bugs I discovered. Encountering a squad of enemies facing a wall like they're awaiting a firing squad is surreal, and being spotted by a tank if you get too close while stealthed is infuriating given that it can happen no matter from which angle you approach it. Removing heavy machine guns from fixed mounts often results in their floating in the air some distance from where you first laid hands on them. Issues like these instantly break the spell of the gorgeous presentation.
But despite its glitchy shortcomings, Crysis 2 is a highly enjoyable game which manages to separate itself from the bulk of console shooters by offering sandbox gameplay and unbelievable graphics. This is certainly a stand-out FPS experience.

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Date Posted 15/07/2012 4:13am
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Date Posted 14/07/2012 11:04pm
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Date Posted 13/07/2012 3:34pm
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Date Posted 12/07/2012 8:07pm
Crysis 2 is a game that I am sure many people were anicntpatiig, and also skeptical about. While the first game had some hard core graphics it clearly was more of a visual benchmark than game at times. Going forward Crytek has made some changes to the formula, most for the better, and produced a high quality game that will not disappoint both fans of the original Crysis and FPS gamers in general. GAMEPLAY Single player Right off the bat Crysis 2 doesn't hold much back. The campaign starts quickly and holds its pace fairly well throughout the near 12 hour SP campaign. If you played the MP Demo for Crysis 2 you will feel right at home with what changes have been made to the suit controls, as well as what to expect visually from the game and the AI itself. This game comes across as a solid shooter. During the campaign you will have many tools at your disposal to dispatch your foes including a variety of weapons, suit powers, environment items etc. The suit powers are very stream-line on the console version, having been mapped to your controller. Running automatically enables speed, while thumb buttons controlled the Armor and Stealth. You have the ability to customize your weapons load-out via unlocking mods you find throughout the campaign as well as upgrading your suit via contact with Alien DNA. What impressed me the most about Crysis 2 was not actually the graphics, but the thought put into the gameplay. While enemy AI can be pretty stupid at times (I played on SOLDIER difficulty) the game gives you plenty of methods in which to tackle areas. You could stealth past everyone; stealth assassinate everyone; RAMBO your way though; use strength to toss enemies about or perhaps pick up an object and smash em with it. While the campaign has a typical Linear aspect to it, the variety at your disposal makes tackling the areas feel fresh each time and just a blast to change up your gameplay style. Multi-Player: I have not tackled MP that much but from what I've played, expect your typical formula for MP in Crysis 2. If you played the MP demo then you would have an idea what to expect really. What I did like was the custom class concept where as using your unlocks you can create a unique build for Multi-Player. A nice little concept that keeps the MP feeling fresh I think. STORY/SOUND Okay.. this is Crysis we're talking about so don't expect a riveting storyline like RPGs might bring to the table. The storyline isn't bad though as you could tell there was an effort put in to make a normal storyline here; It kind of is just enough to keep you occupied during cut-scenes and give you a good reason to go forward essentially. ** SOUND in this game is just awesome! I thought Killzone 3 had some wild sound effects, Crysis 2 pretty much takes the cake! The weapon sound effects are very quality, including the nice echo effects when firing rounds off in an open quiet area. The voice acting is average' I'd say. Not bad but not award winning acting either. The sound track this game has is mind blowing!! The tracks are very epic and will have your blood pumping from start to finish with how good the music sets the tone. GRAPHICS The graphics are stunning especially for a console game. Are they the best hard to tell but then again I really have not seen a game best this game graphically. On the PC however this game is just insane. Running it at 1920 1080 w/ full setting will just blow your mind. Once you see it on the PC it becomes quite obvious that the console versions had stuff held back. Even with the graphics toned down they still do look great, but there are some small hickups. I found a few times the frame-rate chugged a little bit in high volume areas especially with fires or explosions. There is also some texture flickering going on in certain spots that are hard to ignore, also accompanied by texture pop-ins. For the graphical level this game pumps out I am not surprised though, especially once you see how large some areas can be. The alien design this time around I enjoyed. They had a lot more detail put into them and a better variety as well. REPLAY/LENGTH For the campaign, on soldier difficulty, it took me about 10-11 hours to complete. I was not rushing though the game and I mixed it up between stealth and Rambo style. I could see this campaign being about 11-13 hrs for people who LOVE stealth killing, or as short as 8 hours if you simply run past certain areas without bothering to fight. This puts the Length of the game at a decent length. There is plenty going on in the campaign and I could find myself playing through the campaign a few times more as the gameplay really lends itself to creativity/variety (a bit like Bulletstorm just without the Skill-Shot system). Throw in some decent MP that has some longevity to it and you got yourself a game that could easily last you
Ben Graham
434 GK Points
Date Posted 30/07/2011 12:10am
Crysis 2 is the best looking game ever the graphics are the best - Crytek i love you !!!!!!!
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Crysis 2 is beautiful, clever and full of action.
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