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E3 Coverage
Jim Hargreaves
0comments Waiting for the Nintendo Conference
Posted Tue 15th Jun 2010 4:54pm by Jim Hargreaves
Sent by Dennis Scimeca from the Nintendo Conference:
Hey, all. Our Director, Ming Fung, one of our staff writers, Kevin Beckham, and myself are eagerly awaiting the Nintendo E3 conference.
The crowd is surprisingly light thus far. The three of us didn't warrant the magic wristbands that seem to determine seating arrangements, but the whole section to my right is mostly empty. Guess the green wristband tribe hasn't shown up yet.
The video crews are setting up their gear behind me. They hit home the fact that this is a serious *event.* I think this is the conference most people are really looking forward to. One Chinese blogger leaked a drawing of what the 3DS might look like, and there have been some photos of a supposes chipsets, but other than that Nintendo has kept a pretty tight lid on the 3DS. Considering Move is old news, and the Kinect reveal was mostly a circus with no price point announced. Both Kinect's name and initial software offerings, and the Xbox Slim were all leaked in advance.
I honestly don't really know what's coming from Nintendo this morning, and that makes this bloody EXCITING.

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